Here’s one of the best credit cards on the market

How about a credit card that gives you up to 5 percent off at any one of Good Finance’s domestic stores, a 2 percent discount on Good Finance gas stations, and a 1 percent refund on every purchase, plus a 3-month refund of your purchases? Well, not only does this credit card exist, but it also comes with additional surprises and, in a unique way, it can be claimed online in 10 minutes …

Unique shopping discounts

Unique shopping discounts

Many overdraft-related credit cards and many credit cards offer discounts on card purchases, but among these, a 5 percent discount is very rare and not permanent. Good Finance Shopping Card, which is not the same as a Trust Card issued to Good Finance’s regular customers, offers a 5 percent discount on every Thursday purchase at any one of Good Finance’s domestic stores, regardless of what the cardholder purchased. This means that the discount also applies to the promotional items. The discount will be credited to the customer at the next month’s closing.

In addition, not only on Thursday, but every day there is a 5 percent discount on Good Finance red logo branded products, and this discount is immediate so you don’t have to pay at the checkout anymore.

Finally, at the end of the month following the purchase, the Good Finance Shopping Card Bonus will receive a 2 percent refund on each Good Finance Shopping Card purchase made at the Good Finance Gas Station and 1 percent after each purchase at any other outlet.

Interest-free for up to 3 months

However, the discounts are not over yet! Like any other credit card, the cardholder will not pay interest on purchases made with the Good Finance Shopping Card from the date of purchase to the repayment term (maximum of 40 days free of interest), provided that you repay your entire debt by the due date.

However, you can also delay the interest-free repayment of any of your Good Finance store purchases by choosing the Plus3 option at checkout and paying back your purchase amount in 3 monthly, interest-free installments. [HK1] This option is available if the total purchase price is between $ 100 and $ 100.

Spend it in the usual places

Spend it in the usual places

In addition to its special features, the Good Finance Shopping Card is as much a credit card as any other bank. It can also be used as a touch card, which means you can pay with a single tap at the ready-to-use payment points (in Hungary you can pay by touch at every third bank card accepting point.) Just like with other touch cards, you can also pay with the Good Finance Shopping Card PIN (but still touch).

The card can be used at any MasterCard outlet in the world and worldwide, and is always free of charge. In addition to the purchase, of course, the card can be used for cash withdrawals at any domestic or foreign ATM, cashier or post office where the MasterCard branding is indicated. The cash withdrawal fee is 3 percent of the transaction amount in Hungary, but at least HUF 650.